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3rd Annual Thunder Bay Bike Polo Invitational

Saturday, August 24, 2013 - Sunday, August 25, 2013
Host club: 
Thunder Bay Bike Polo
Contact info: 

Our 3rd annual invitational is less than a month away! We'd love to have your in our beautiful city. Message or email if you need a place to stay and/or directions! Sign up form: http://bit.ly/19iU0sH


Frank Charry Park
901 Pacific Ave
Thunder Bay, ON

Signed up

Goodness me!
I had better attend this invitational, because i certainly do not want to f*ck r*ght *ff.

like a ton
that's heavy stuff

I quit.

Hey thunderbay, we're going to try to bring 2 teams. Any chance we get score some floorspace for sleeping?? 6 dapper gents and their bikes??
Hopefully see you there!

You bet your ass you can! Fill out the registration form above so we can get some contact info if you haven't already and we will get you sorted out.

sorry for the late reply. But we're just to busy drinking beer and falling off our bikes to actually get our shit together. That being said we've rallied the troops into going and there will be 4 of us making the haul from Winnipeg. Need a couple of stray cats to play with us!

No worries, we have two members offering their houses for you guys to crash in, throw me a email at robburrough@gmail.com if you need em and for directions. We are looking at a 11 am start Saturday.

Aww man!

Yo TBAY. We're hanging out crunching on pickles in this ghost town with Jameson and Evan Williams. Where you atz

Dissapointed I'm missing this again. Next year, I swear!