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shifting, hydro-disc having, bar-spinning RUSTBELT MARCO.

shifting, hydro-disc having, bar-spinning RUSTBELT MARCO.
Final weld done just 3 hours before tournament.
shifting, hydro-disc having, bar-spinning RUSTBELT MARCO.
shifting, hydro-disc having, bar-spinning RUSTBELT MARCO.
shifting, hydro-disc having, bar-spinning RUSTBELT MARCO.
shifting, hydro-disc having, bar-spinning RUSTBELT MARCO.
I got T-Boned by Paul going full speed. Bent my rim in half, Cracked it in six places. A lesser bike would have been destroyed.
24/13(38/13 for commuting)
Front and rear brake

This is my polo bike.

Frame and fork - Rustbelt Marco. Built by Rustbelt welding(http://rustbeltwelding.com/) right here in Cleveland, Ohio. Mine is size large with Paragon Machine Works Dropouts.
Handlebars - Rustbelt
Brakes f&r - My own design. They are polo specific dual-hydraulic disc brakes made for me by Bengal Performance. They include a hydraulic gyro to eliminate tangles/hose flex. Available for purchase. Contact me for more info/pricing Bobknauer05@gmail.com
Crank set - Truvativ Hammerschmidt.
Shifter - Sram X9. mounted to seat stay so that I can still bar spin ;)
Gravity Gap stem

Since these pics were taken, I now have a Truvativ Holzfeller seatpost and VP Low Profile DH Race pedals.

Since destroying my wheelset and tires(shown here in pics), I built a new one with XT hubs and WTB LaserDisc rims. Wrapped in Maxxis Overdrive 1.75s Both wheels are quick release(made possible by the Paragon dropouts) for ease of transport.

This is not the best polo bike I've built up. It is THE BEST BIKE I HAVE EVER RIDDEN IN MY LIFE. Since I've had this, I sold my trek commuter and converted the Banshee back to a jump bike. I ride this thing everywhere. My fixie and cruiser both just collect dust. Actually, this is the only bike I've ridden at all since September.

There's more pics of the brakes and more info in this thread: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/gear/brakes/2009/09/21/post-your-dual-...

Edit: I have removed the gyro. It just leaks too much for polo use. Once-a-month bleeds got old.
I had hose/cable guides brazed on including on my seat tube for the shift cable.
I swapped my xt rear hub for a SS Atomlab Pimp hub on which I have a 15t fixed cog. It is still freewheel due to the Hammerschmidt mechanism.
Holzfeller seatpost.
Crank brothers Sage FR headset.
Frame, fork, and bars have all been powdercoated matte grey(looks identical to this primer) and it all GLOWS IN THE DARK.


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang


I'm impressed by the modification (hydro disc doubler) and quality of the parts. seems like a dream steed. for those who like 26'ers...

Thanks! Yeah, it does have 26s but its geometry is 100% polo specific. Steep n tight. Maybe its because I used to ride a dj bike with 2.5 tires. Switching to this was night and day difference.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

like this a lot.

what's the set angle of the bike?

Thanks. You mean seat tube angle? It's 72.5 degrees. But that's for my large frame.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

It looks like the frame has been galvanized or is that just a primer finish? Either way it looks awesome...very industrial.

Bike Polo Ronin

Hey thanks. It's just dtm primer. I was gonna give it a fancy paint job but after I primed it, I liked it.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

DAYUMMMM! nice rig.

very cool! just curious, do you have any type of hand injury that requires you to run this setup? or do you just really like hydros? either way is aok.

I'm not quite sure what you mean. I chose disc over rim since its so much less maintenance and better in wet conditions. I chose hydro because mechanical discs, in my experience, aren't as strong. I can stop hard on this setup using nothing more than my index finger. I also prefer the feel of the instant reaction that can only be achieved with hydraulics. Cable brakes feel spongy to me. I should also mention that I'm 220lbs so I require a little more brake strength.

If you can dream it, you can do it!


what is going on with the rear brake line on the headset?

It is a hydraulic gyro. It's so my bars can spin freely without my brake lines getting tangled up/stressed.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Damn Bob, that brake system is looking good.

Did you have ISCG tabs welded to your frame or did you use some kind of bracket for the Hammerschmidt?

Originally, I ignored everything Truvativ said and got a iscg adapter that just sandwiched between the bb cup and bb. No matter how much I tightened the cup, the adapter would always come loose.

Rustbelt ordered me a tab from paragon and welded it on in no time. We even turned the tab 90 degrees counter clockwise so that the shift cable inlet was pointed up toward my seat tube. I also had them weld on cable guides to my seat tube. It looks and feels sip much better now. I am dropping it off to get powder coated this week. I will post final finished pictures when its all done.

But yeah, if you plan on getting Hammerschmidts, get the tab welded to your frame.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

I am also looking for disc brakes for my new polo bike, but only thought of mechanical ones because they are easier to setup. But since using magura hs33 i am fan of hydro brakes, so how did you order your disc brake system and how much did it cost (without gyro) ?
No protecting device for the discs?
Honestly, best polo bike i have ever seen.

Hi Tim, thanks for the compliment. I am a distributor for Bengal(only one in the US). Their products might be available near you though. Although, you would need to frankenstein your own setup and it probably would not be cost effective. This system that I have is my design, not Bengal's. They built them for me after months of discussion.
As for cost, a pre-bled kit without a gyro is $175. That includes 160mm rotors, all mounting hardware and 2 extra sets of pads. Shipping would be actual. If you are interested or want to know more, you can email me at bobknauer05@gmail.com.

If you can dream it, you can do it!