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The Dog Walker

The Dog Walker
The Dog Walker
The Dog Walker
The Dog Walker
The Dog Walker
The Dog Walker
The Dog Walker
Front and rear brake

The Dog Walker (named because I also use this bike to have my Dog walk/run next to me)

- Frame: Fetish Cycles: Fixation
- Freewheel 34x20
- Dual V-brake setup with lever by St. Cago
- Grand National polo bars
- 26x1.75" Cheap-Ass Tires
- Surly 1x1 Suspension Corrected Forks

This is really my first built up bike to be polo specific, I had others but didn't put much time and effort into them as I did this one. I know it's not the best bike for polo, but the frame was on CL for a good deal and I recently got back into the game after about a year and half off and thought it would be a good one to start with. I realize the obvious flaw of the enormous 5-hole.

It's been a lot of fun playing on this one as opposed to what I was playing on.

Please be kind with your critiques ;-)

beautiful frame, I owned it nearly two years ago and loved it when I had it. are you considering a disc brake option or are the v brakes fine for you?

i think the v-brakes are fine for me, (for the time being anyway).. I fall a considerable amount and would probably bend the discs..

but who knows, i could switch in the future