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Matador by Tonta Cycles

160mm crankset.
Handbuild 26" wheelset whith Sturmey Archer hub's.
0 Rake :)
Front and rear brake

ChroMo steel (0.7mm) frame, 0 rake fork, double V-brakes (waiting for the single disk-brake & hub to arrive). Turnes out it became a fantastic bike; light, steady and sharp as a razor. Will change the pedals to clips, lower the steer (probably), and try to mount a smaller size sprocket in the rear for getting to court.

Very curious to what you think of it!

Tight bike. I'd like to try a zero rake fork some time. I have no idea what it would feel like.


Thank you, the fork actually works well, it's stable enough to bike with your hands in the air. It does take a little more effort to steer though, we are thinking of adding a little trail to overcome that.

Damn. You know a thing or two about bike porn. These photos are great.

I haven't heard about this frame recently. Who else is playing on it? Do they make it with disc tabs?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang