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Ross MTB Bike

Kensation's Ross MTB Bike
Fixed gear
Front and rear brake

This is a Ross MTB bike that I butchered, by removing the cantilever brake mounts, and some other protruding pieces of metal. I have a 700c Velocity Aero Rear wheel with 19t fixed cog on it. The front wheel is some generic 700c front wheel. I have a Sekae drive side crank mated with a 35t bmx chainring. The non drive side crank is a Siliv or something like that, it doesn't matter. Generic BMX stem with mtb handlebars. Generic seat post w/ a Felt Saddle. Nashbar jailbrake brakes. The rear brake is mounted on the inside, because they wouldn't reach the rims on the outside. This frame is too big for me, thus the low saddle height. I like it though, no toe overlap.

I have an old Ross MTB called The Extreme Being. Well made, but heavy. I might use it for polo if my other dies.