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I've been riding it for polo close to two years now. It has cracked three times, on each side of the seat tube where it meets the top tube. I had it tig welded once and then fillet brazed after that, hasn't cracked since. It's been through hell and back, and does the job just fine. It'll die one day, and then I'll get a custom bike. Until then, this is my polo bike, the only bike in my stable I can't bring myself to sell.

White Ind. Trials freewheel
VO 85mm stem and set back seatpost
Surly Chainring on 172.5 Gossamer cranks
Cheap 36h machine built origin8/alexrim that has never let me down or broken
48h no name used (I think tandem?) loose ball hub laced to a dyad
Time pedals, duh.
Brooks saddle (for the gooch)
Shimano 600 tricolor caliper brake (works surprisingly well)
Some other stuff

Love it!


that front wheel looks tight dude how did you make it look like that?

Radial lacing.
voids the warranty on lots of hubs. something like 3% lighter and stiffer(vertically). but doubles as a one-way ticket to tacoville.
looks real cool. on a road bike. with 10 bladed aluminum spokes. (to me)
ill take my chances laced 4cross.
that said, mark may be a polo ninja that doesn't crash.

Mark Davis' Mark Davis' Mark Davis.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Noodle, you may be right about some other wheels, but properly tensioned with 48 spokes, I've never had any problems with it, and I do spend a fair bit of time endoing. I laced it radial so I didn't need to ride with a wheel cover (I hate how they feel when it's windy). Lacing a wheel on a cross pattern leaves holes where the ball can slip through. usually if a ball hits this radial pattern hard enough, it just gets stuck. It's also a lot easier to true up and find proper tension on the fly (lol that last statement).

Though, being a polo ninja has definitely helped.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

I got 99 bitches, one ain't a problem.

fact: mark davis has swung and missed the ball, and hit his front wheel more times than any 10 men put together. I can attest to THAT wheels durability. That is why that move is called the mark davis. That wheel needs to be in a museum one day, for being mark davis'd by mark davis so many times.

Mark Davis's wheels are built to protect him from Mark Davising Mark Davis

mark davis was never born, he roundhouse kicked his way out of his mothers womb. shortly thereafter he bought some sweet tights, a broken pista, created a tumbler and started taco-ing wheels and breaking mallet shafts in epic proportion. several shitty years later he would come to be known as dark mavis after doing the same to rear wheels.

I like where your head's at, but your mythology needs a little work...

The tights were "annexed"
The years weren't shitty
I became known as "Dark Mavis" for other, more diabolical reasons...

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

I got 99 bitches, one ain't a problem.

mark davis' bike thread is the new LOBP forums.

but seriously you need new nets. i got a set of some PRO NHL 5mm shit. $200 a pop. free delivery by february 1.

Would you say the new Washington doping laws have affected your performance atop the Workhorse, @markDavis?

P.s. Big ups to Stoops at #blackstarbags for the dank tube pad

Performance enhancing drugs only push the sport to the next level, bruh. Yeah, that pad is ILLIN. Matches the accoutrements.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

I got 99 bitches, one ain't a problem.