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95 Stumpjumper FS (Paul)

current setup
the Brake: Magura HS22 double Brake w/steelflex
first setup
Front and rear brake

16" Stumpjumper Frame from 95 is sucessor of the same Bike in 18" (which was too big for me). After changing the frame I realized, that I had "Trail-optimized" the old fork too much, so now it features a Surly 1x1 fork. (the Frame is "Mag21 corrected", so is needs a 410mm fork).

White Ind. ENO ecc on Rigida BIGBULL Rim
Sugino XD Crank in 165mm
Magura HS22 DOUBLE Brake
time Z clipless pedals

Hey man, I like your brake setup. I considered this for myself since I know the benefits of hydro over mech. I posted my dual hydro disk setup in the brake thread you posted yours in. Check it out and tell me what you think. The main reason I opted out of hs33s was the rim-out-of-true problem. Cheers.

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