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new murphy whip

new murphy whip
new murphy whip
new murphy whip
Rear brake

Local frame builder dude hooked me up with this whip for building him a website (coming soon). Best barter a polo addict could hope for.

Anything unique about the frame and fork that make it polo specific? Looks great!

thanks. its kind of altered for polo... the guy makes 2 style frames, one of his frames has a straight fork (the 'seamus'), however isnt set up for a rear brake, the other frame has a raked fork, but IS set up for a rear brake (the 'murphy').... so I had him put the straight fork on the brake friendly frame. its nice. I'd bet most people would be fine with his track frame and a front brake. the dude sells his frames on ebay for around 200 bucks, pretty dern cheap. he'll hook up the same fork frame combo if you ask. the seamus bar spins with a 700 for fixed gear tricksters too.

that looks real damn nice
fine deal ya got there too