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Rear brake

MKE Polo Guard
Chris King
Rhyno Lite 36h to Surlyt 1.5 front 1.3 back
Turbo reissue
Twisted PC's
Tektro V brake

MKE 48h to 26something coming

What happened to the Sidewinder?!

haha! the rear axle snapped and the drop out bent. it may have happened at the lock-in, not really sure, i didnt notice until is was totally fucked. i passed it on to a friend and hes going to bring it back to life. i tried to get the joust built before the lock-in but the timing was off.

i thought it was hilarious that the bike that got loaned to me mid game was also a sidewinder.

That loner bike belongs to one on my teammates, Nick. Your Joust looks great!