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Eureka Hardcourt Bike Polo

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Wednesdays at 6 pm 'till dark

You can check us out on our Facebook page, Humboldt Hardcourt Bike Polo.

UPDATE! We are currently playing on Saturdays @ Highland park starting at noon o'clock. And... on Thursdays in Arcata, on Guintoli Lane and Valley East in the new development parking lot, w/lights @ 6pm.

so how long have you been playing polo in eureka? I'm from santa cruz, soon to transfer to HSU. Looking forward to playing if you are around in a year.

We been playin for a year now. Usually have at least enough for 3v3. have goals and spare mallets. Come on by Wednesdays at 4 and Sundays at 2. We are also on Facebook as "Humboldt Hardcourt Bike Polo", I'm Francis. If you need any more info, PM me and I can steer you in...

Hope to see you soon.


We are a fresh group and finally have enough for 3 on 3 regularly. Please come partake in our most excellent pastime.

Born in Crescent City/Del Norte Co. Happy to see you guys here. Let us know if you need anything.
Jeff Boyd the NOD
Phoenix Bike Polo.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

I'll yell a crusty "Arrrgggg!" as I pass through Crescent City next time for ya. What kind of things are you offering? Where can I see them?