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Northside Regional Reps 2013

It's time to choose three talented folks from our Northside region to act as representatives to NAH. Please declare your candidacy here before February 27, when we'll open up voting. Each club gets one vote! Voting will happen from 2/28-3/6 in a separate thread.

Here's a basic rundown of the job:

One rep will act as an NAH board member, and will participate in discussions there but also coordinate with the two other reps to further their ideas for the region. This rep is the voice of Northside to the board.

Another rep will focus on outreach, relationships between clubs in the region, sponsorship, etc.

The third rep will focus on structure, tournaments, reffing & rules, etc.

These lines can be blurred a bit between individuals, the point being a focus on outreach and structure in general between the three reps.

I believe these dates are due to get changed. Waiting for announcement...


Last edit...candidacy deadline is 2/27

Here's the other thread .. http://leagueofbikepolo.com/club/northside/want-to-be-a-northside-nah-re...