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Club rep email addresses

I need email addresses for all the Northside club reps...give me any that you know. If you don't have a club rep, get one, and send me their email address!

I'll start:

Grand Rapids - grandrapidsbikepolo@gmail.com

Thank you!


matt, you have my email, for toronto.

Thunder Bay - jnbruce@gmail.com

Burlington - bikepolo AT mac DOT com

Halifax, Nova Scotia - Curtis - worldisflat5@hotmail.com

Kris P (myself): kdashplummer AT gmail DOT com
General KWadmin: admin AT kwpoloclub DOT ca
i wouldn't say we have an exclusive rep, so the best idea would be to send emails to the admin list to get whoever is currently the most active advocate. I'll see that john and shawn see this as well.

Stay on target...!

For Montreal:
- Jesse Bourns: jbourns@gmail.com
- Alex Garcia : alexgarcia83@gmail.com