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Portland Maine Bike Polo

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All skills levels welcomed, Every Sunday @ 6 pm & Wednesday @ 6 pm. Find us on Facebook Maine Bike Polo

April 2011
Club rep: 
The Biff

im sure nobody reads this but whats good portland? i'm here and ready to play.

This Saturday, August 6th 2011, will be the last time for Saturday bike polo. It has been moved to every Wednedsay at 6 pm, same place.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Alias, Thor.

Hi Portland,

I'll be coming in from burlington VT this saturday, hope you all will be playing some polo! I'm assuming the 10am deering oaks park courts is right on.

the street hockey rink behind kenedy park on fox and anderson is the shit dont sleep

Portland! I'll be in your city this weekend. Where should I go? What should I do? Where should I eat?

Are you playing at all this weekend?

You should eat at ottos pizza


Thanks for contacting us. We are new and haven't really decided on an official place to play, I'll be at Deering Oaks Park this Saturday at 10 am on the basketball courts.

Check us out on Facebook under Maine Bike Polo.


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Alias, Thor.

Sorry sorry! I meant 18th. Everything stated below still holds, I just plugged in the wrong date. Come and check it out!

Portland Bike Polo'ers! Things are maybe kind-of almost starting to get off the ground! Anyone interested, we're having a first get together next saturday, the 25th, at 10 am. Time is not confirmed yet, but check out the facebook group "Maine Bike Polo" to track the conversation. Current thought is the tennis courts @ deering oaks park, as this is where supposedly people have played in the past, but this is also not definite. If anyone has better ideas, throw em out there. There will be extra mallets and loaner bikes, so come check it out even if you've never played before!

Well, I'm here in the Portland area. I have my bike and mallet and I'm ready.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Alias, Thor.

Yo Portland, you should get a team together for this tourney...

A facebook group was started recently by another polo player interested in starting a game in portland: 'Maine Bike Polo'....

I stopped by the Gorham Bike Shop on congress st in portland and they mentioned there had been fliers for bike polo as recently as last year. Supposedly people played on the tennis courts by the highway at Deering Oaks. Hopefully we'll end up w/ a mass of people on one forum or another and we can start coordinating days to play.

Thanks for the update.

I've asked to join the group on Facebook. Hopefully we can get at least six people and make a strong presence where interest will snowball. I'll be up in Maine in the middle of June, hopefully.


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Alias, Thor.

The word on the proverbial street is that Maine is a cornicopia of cycling for roadies and mountain bikers. Does the same hold true for bike polo?

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Alias, Thor.

Hi all- I'm up to play if people are interested. I've also got a couple of spare mallets and an extra bike I can bring if any beginners want to try it out. Anyone thought of good locations in the portland area?