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Want to be a Southwest NAH regional rep?

NAH elections are coming up. If you want to run for a regional rep position, declare your candidacy here in a comment.

Deadline is February 27th at 5pm ET. Voting begins the next day by club reps, and closes March 7th 5pm. The results will be available on March 7th in the evening.


Hi Polo Peeps of the SouthWest.
As you know I have been working closely with the NAH and the poloverse in general to keep us all abreast (no chicken winging) with all the local, national and global updates and shit talking that needs to be done to maintain an equilibrium in the best ,fastest growing community of most awesome bad asses in sport today.
We who play Bike Polo.
I shall be running for the position of Regional Representative, NAH board - To oversee and manage our region and bring our region's work and ideas to the board.
I feel that I have a solid background in the forefront of our sport to communicate with club reps , individual players , regional reps , The Board of the NAH and international committees to put OUR thoughts , ideas and concerns forward, be heard and get things done.
Let the shit talking and defamation of character begin.

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"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

So I'm running for this, I guess. I know people and stuff.


Hold the phone...
New Mexico is nominating Robin C, from ABQ, for Southwest Rep.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Yes, I am running for regional rep. Add me to the list.