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This page shows all upcoming tournaments and forum topics except the off-topic ones. Post a forum topic.

Topic Replies Last post Forum
Bikepolo.ca is alive again. by eh jackal on Dec 1 2009 18 by joe the lefty f... 4 years ago General
MIAMI BEACH POLO? by le car on Nov 24 2009 12 by jason f-off 4 years ago Places & travel
Can we agree on an official tag? by llIIlllIIIllIlI... on Dec 2 2009 2 by jonny 4 years ago Photos and Videos
Vote: Should Geneva/Genève/Genf be the host of the EHBPC 2010? by kev on Nov 3 2009 20 by hannez 4 years ago
Stolen Polo Bike Brooklyn by shelley on Nov 30 2009 1 by chandel. 4 years ago General
An Open Letter of Apology and Appreciation to FTL/South FLA Polo by Dave on Nov 30 2009 5 by jason f-off 4 years ago General
how many does it take to a build a polo in east van by gingo tableros on Nov 29 2009 15 by Rory_Bear 4 years ago General
PVC pipe End caps! by EEEaaaZZZyyy on Nov 4 2009 11 by Otera 3 years ago Gear, Mallets
Hey Montana, where'd the domain name go? by Mark Capriotti on Nov 29 2009 9 by son... 4 years ago LOBP
San Francisco is the new Best Decision I have ever made. by eh jackal on Nov 1 2009 29 by Adam 4 years ago Tournaments
Milwaukee Bike Polo Buzz/Plug by Matt-Hewitt on Nov 28 2009 7 by capt. jake 4 years ago In the media
an open invitation to europe to come to North America by ben on Nov 29 2009 1 by Doug D 4 years ago Tournaments
Announcement: 2010 North American Hardcourt Championship host-city by ben schicago on Nov 28 2009 0 by ben schicago 4 years ago General
Bike Polo Tournament "Mazza D'Oro" Dec 13 2009 by peend on Nov 28 2009 1 by llIIlllIIIllIlI... 4 years ago Mazza D'oro
Vote: Who should host the NAHBPC 2010? by kev on Nov 3 2009 4 by Cory_skullshag 4 years ago
COACHES CORNER by brian from ottawa on Nov 3 2009 18 by kev 4 years ago General
NA'10 Bid discussion by polojoel on Nov 23 2009 16 by Matt-Hewitt 4 years ago Organizing polo
BikePolo in South Florida at Holiday Park by Nic B on Feb 19 2009 14 by jason f-off 4 years ago Photos and Videos
No Polo Widow by lamoix on Nov 21 2009 10 by timtim 4 years ago Photos and Videos
NAH tournament Presenting North American Hardcourt, an organizing body by ben schicago on Nov 5 2009 172 by Doug D 4 years ago Organizing polo