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Cascadia Qualifier, Whodoin'it?

I think the title pretty much says it all. Who's it gonna be?

Also, I guess, how many teams?


Thanks for the vote Emmet but we're even further away/more expensive than Edmonton.
Ya'll are welcome to come though, city is resurfacing our court next spring...

AKA the Seattle Qualifier...

24 teams max, IMO.

Is any city other than East Van or Seattle able to book or build 2 courts with 4" walls and decent surface? Cuz that'd be rad.

(Edit haha 4 inch walls)

if there's support, edmonton would put in a bid. we have some great rinks that could be reduced to tournament size, or could build standalone courts at a number of sites..

whatchoo mean support? Like, sponsors? Dollars? Bodies/labor? Materials?

Essentially, what would you need and are your facilities worth doing it for?

blazar wrote:

whatchoo mean support? Like, sponsors? Dollars? Bodies/labor? Materials?

Essentially, what would you need and are your facilities worth doing it for?

by support I mean people actually willing to travel here. that was a big complaint for NAHBPC 2011 in calgary, and edmonton is as hard to get to. we have a good network of sponsors, volunteers and timber that can do a 24 team tourney in style. i think we can do that on one or one and a half courts if the format and schedule is well organized. we have daylight forever in june and lights until 11 if another date is preferred.

if it's to be 32 teams in 2014, we would have to look at two separate (but nearby) courts, or building standalone. if there's indication that the larger and further cascadia polo communities will come, we will build it (beginning with a formal bid)

Only 24 teams registered for the qualifier in Seattle last year, and I believe it was capped at 32 (correct me if I'm off base here, blazar). So you may actually get less than 24 if it's in Edmonton.

If there are 24 or more teams, though, I'd really prefer to play at a location with 2 courts. Playing on one court until late at night means less time to chill out, eat, drink, explore the city, etc. It also seems a bit risky in terms of scheduling.

agree 100%. if it's a one-court-do, steps would need to be implemented and approved with the format and schedule to guarantee no one needs to be at the courts all day long. we can certainly do multiple courts, but our out-of-the-box 1 court setup is pretty unbeatable if it works for the number of teams.

I would hazard against more than 2 brackets during swiss rounds (in case you were considering that), cause it is difficult to evenly split the groups and then combine them again fairly for double elim (for example https://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2012/10/08/podium-a-discu...).

Portland is trying to get a spot but it doesn't look too promising at all.


I am only one voice, but I veto Edmonton. I'm sure it is a great city with tons of awesome stuff. However the cost of travel is prohibitive. End of story.

That will never work.

What about Vancouver? Do you guys feel like putting this event on?

We're going to talk about it before the end of the year. I think people here are looking at it as more of a chore that needs to be done rather than a fun event to host.
Or maybe that's just me projecting. :)

You could think of it as a recurring, trade-off event, maybe between SEA and EVAN since we've got easy to use facilities that are pretty tried and true....doesn't have to be a chore per se...

Our facilities are not easy to use. We build courts each and every time. Grandview is easy but we can only host a maximum of 16 teams there.

Tall George wrote:

I am only one voice, but I veto Edmonton. I'm sure it is a great city with tons of awesome stuff. However the cost of travel is prohibitive. End of story.

the same can be said for portland, seattle and vancouver for those of us from edmonton, calgary and saskatoon?

Fair enough. But the vast majority of qualified teams from the past 2 years (all except Mosquito, actually) have come from the Pacific Northwest.
And that's a bit selfish, but not entirely. Consider that if the qualifier fails to send the 10 best teams to NAs, then the entire region gets stuck with fewer NAs spots in 2015.
It'd be nice if some of the top players would chime in about travelling to the Prairies, cause really this tournament is about them.

jeffj wrote:

It'd be nice if some of the top players would chime in about travelling to the Prairies, cause really this tournament is about them.

If they don't notice then we become the top players twiggy. Keep it down.

Also, Damn Mosquito! Changing up or reasonable dynamic of power!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Medic.Mike wrote:

If they don't notice then we become the top players twiggy.

Scary thought.


The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.


jeffj wrote:

It'd be nice if some of the top players would chime in about travelling to the Prairies, cause really this tournament is about them.

^ what i'm waiting for too. we attempted to lobby NAH for a prairie region in 2011 to no avail. seems to me if the top teams don't want to travel to cities within their own region to qualify, the boundaries need to be redrawn. as far as i recall, we were only asking for 2-3 NA spots.

Not sure we ever actually sent that stuff in Josh. I wound up with a shit storm in Winnipeg trying to push it through and lost all steam on my end. I know most of us who filled out the survey that NAH had that summer talked about a prairie region.

Seattle to Edmonton is 794miles by Car.
Not sure how much flights cost that time of the year.

You make the rules, I'll play the game.

about $450 from portland, and $400 from seattle or vancouver.

You don't need to tell us, we rolled down to Seattle twice this year (ECO and Qualifier.. and Saskatoon is another 5hrs further on from Edmonton).
I would not recommend that drive.
But if $400 flights are too much for you, you live a beautiful and perfect life and I have no sympathy!
(it's $600 min to get anywhere for us...thus the driving 22hrs to Seattle)

More seriously, Edmonton is a great summer town, and their court is awesome.

Anchorage, more than likely.
Edit: misread, thought you asked who was coming. Please don't show up in Anchorage, we have nothing for you.

Only 43 hours drive from Saskatoon ;)

Bench style on bainbridge island.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

just did the maths and in 2014 cascadia will have 12 (!) spots for NAHBPC.

If we say it softly with love on our tongues we might get them to do it. Bellingham....

That will never work.

Double post

That will never work.

We should probably lessen the burden of hosting the tourney. Might open things up to a smaller club, or just make it less of a pain.

Local club
-> responsible for securing the location and building courts.

Regional organizers
-> responsible for running and reffing the tourney.

-> responsible for housing and fooding.

I would add, the local hosts should also be responsible for rounding up all equipment, pop-up tents, water coolers, tables, etc.

This seems like it would open up a lot more locations, but at the same time, I think we are gonna need at least two courts and finding a spot that works for the best for the majority of teams...

If this scenario were the case, Nanaimo might be able to make this work. We are a small club that doesn't have the personpower to pull this off. We have a two tennis court sized area that is fully fenced (10' ish high) and there are 8" high boards around the bottom of the entire fence. I'm not sure if this would qualify as 4' high boards. The only portion of the boards we'd need to construct would be corners and the portion sandwiching the tennis nets in the middle. The surface is ok, but not spectacular.
Might be better to get the opinion of those that came to the polo retreat 2 years ago where we played one day here.
There are hostels and campsites within a 20 minute bike ride of the court.

I love Nanaimo tourneys but the surface of those courts is not smooth or even enough for an NAH qualifier, I don't think.

If there is already a club that has permanent facilities in place (boards already built) and that is the shortest/ easiest to get too/ affordable location for the majority of players in this region to travel to we should do that.

It's a little ridiculous for another club to reach out to sponsors and players for materials, money and time to build boards if one local club already has decent courts. I start to worry about exhausting sponsorship, can't keep asking for money to build courts when some cities have permanent ones.

My vote is Seattle for the qualifier, anywhere else is significantly more work, time and money for everyone.

we're going to do a survey of our courts (size and surface condition) to present a bid. if there isn't support for an edmonton qualifier, the info collected will go to our future tournament planning. we have about 20 paved hockey rinks in the city but only some suitable for polo (due to size and surface), and no two at the same site, though there are some within a few blocks of each other. some may have parking lot/tennis court/basketball court space for a second built court & we have a wood hookup. we need to explore a bit beyond our home court.

i would be down to play in your city but I think that for a strictly business type deal like the Qualifier we should do it in one of the big three, Seattle, East van or Portland. Sounds like some P-land and E-van folks are chiming in about Seattle hosting the tourney...

Saying that you would love to play in Edmonton is one thing but actually doing it is another. Having a qualifier there would actually get people from across the region to travel to Edmonton and take part, which would not only help boost polo in Edmonton but also the surrounding region.

It seems to me that most of the reasoning against holding the qualifier in Edmonton is that it is far from some of the other cities playing. That's all well and good but Edmonton is still part of Cascadia. Discounting their contribution to the region because it is more costly to visit for seattle, portland, or vancouver isn't exactly fair. Edmonton is a much more viable option for Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton, never mind the smaller (or potentially non-existent) clubs of Regina, Moose Jaw, Lethbridge and others I may be unaware of. By saying that Edmonton is too far for other portions of Cascadia you are in essence excluding them from being full participants of the region while simultaneously expecting them to travel that same distance if they want to participate. Is that fair, or even reasonable?

You play in our region?

I'm trying to feasibly nail a city, venue and date down, not trying to exclude a potential host city. If you read the comments above, you may find that the feedback has been for a not-in-edmonton qualifier, even though people would be amicable to travel there for another tourney at some point.

Really, Blazar? I simply made observations based on what I have read. Observations that you discounted entirely based upon where I live. The fact that I don't live in Cascadia doesn't discount observations that I can make based upon what I read in a public forum.

This comment was based on your initial response that you have now edited. I absolutely understand what your intentions are. I was just trying to bring light to the fact that a club that is interested and eager to host a qualifier is being brushed aside by many people (not just you) despite the lack of another city offering to host.

Yeah, that first response was a dick move. But, I thought you went all moral high ground on me and I was all, "wtf?", this is an organizational thread, not an ethics argument. Edmonton is out of the way for the majority of the region. Play to the masses...

Like I said, I totally understand the organizational element. My comments weren't meant to be directed just at you either but more as commentary on the whole picture.

If Edmonton is keen than it's good for them, and for the betterment of polo there.
They are part of Cascadia, so let them have a chance. Seattle, If you want to host another tournament, host NA's. And I mean this in the least confrontational way possible, I know you guys host a good tourney, so if your hungry, focus your energy toward that?

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

I'm pretty sure our club and some members are still recovering from hosting worlds in 2011, NA's is out of the question for us. Honestly I don't think we're that hungry to throw a tournament, people from other cities just pointed to us and we have ready made facilities in a good location so the qualifier is easy for us. We've also been rotating with Van and Portland in throwing this tournament and it appears that neither can do it this year.

If Edmonton has killer courts and a club that can support it I'd be interested in hearing what the situation up there was, court size/surface/location etc. For the qualifier that's really what matters, not being fair to every club in the horribly drawn out region. I'm cool with making the trek out there but would be super bummed to show up to two tennis courts with 2 foot boards!

Our courts are great for this purpose and the majority of people who qualify do so from one of the major cities outside of Seattle. The qualifier is one of the tournaments that must be attended for any team hoping to compete in NA's and worlds, so I don't support putting the majority in the absolute position of paying $400+ to travel so far out of the way. NA's and worlds are the tournaments where most everybody gets put in the position to blow all of their money on travel. I blame the regional structuring for this and feel for the few teams who are forced to make this trip. I would love to visit Edmonton any other time for polo, but in the case of the qualifier I don't think it makes sense to have it so far away from the majority of the players in the region.

Fine by me, who wants to contribute to our, 'Flights to seattle' kickstarter?
My guess is everyone who just saved $400+ is probably gonna give us $20 each right? Utilitarians that they are, I have no doubts.

Well, since the chances are that the "us" are only three of you, I'm sure the rest of the region coming to the qualifier can contribute $5ish. I wouldn't mind to be honest, it sucks that anybody has to pay that much just for a chance to qualify. It's a really shitty situation, but... yeah.

Agreed it's not the best, but there are trade-offs right? Living far from everything really sucks when you gotta buy flights to polo fun-times, but it's pretty sweet if/when California finally falls into the ocean (or a host of other potential apocalyptic scenarios unfold).
Come to think of it, if the best thing about your town is you're out of the way of potential civilization-ending possibilities maybe it's time to relocate.

Personally I would feel much too guilty to accept donations for me to have fun that I could afford myself with only a modicum of financial planning. I also think that placing reasonably well doesn't make us more deserving than other prairie teams who might want to compete (maybe there are a host of teams from way the fuck out there who would get good enough to qualify if they could play better competition?).

I think the long term solution is probably smaller geographic regions when the critical mass is large enough, although I'm torn about that too. I really like playing in Cascadia. You get better when you get to play really good teams all the time (plus it's more fun, by a wide margin).

I bet you we (as Cascadia, not just a few cities in the Praries) could lobby for a Prairie Waiver as it were, to let you guys host your own regional qualifier and get your best teams into the first round of NA's.

How many cities and teams do you think you would have? Cities first, then teams would come next, preliminary numbers are fine.....guesstimates....

there are 3 major clubs with consistent pickup and players: Edmonton, Calgary, & Saskatoon. i'm not sure the status of the smaller Alberta/Saskatchewan cities but there has been some form of polo in Regina, Lethbridge and Devon as well. Saskatoon's tournament has had 10 or 12 teams for the past 3 years, so that is probably a good indication of the turnout a prairie-only qualifier would attract. we'd probably look for 2 qualification spots? though i think i've finished third place in that tournament every year so one more couldn't hurt..

anyway, cool of you to ask the question and consider it an option.

i still plan on collecting and presenting info on the courts available in edmonton over the next month or two, but if not towards the qualifier, we'll use it to build hype for a late-summer/fall tournament.



I think subsidizing teams that have to travel a substantially far distance is legitimate, instead of burning sponsorship money on boards. I'd contribute to your kickstarter !

also, looking at possibly booking an indoor area for two courts....what do y'all think, would that be a worthy use of registration monies?

Definitely worth my money.


Hey all, this Prairie business aside, is Seattle an acceptable venue for this event? I want to talk to this indoor space place and then settle on a date so that we can all begin to plan around it/for it.

no complaints here if you're willing and able