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wheel onto mallet not a mallet under wheel turnover?

Messing around in throw ins recently and theres been a few occasions where ive put my wheel onto someones mallet to trap their mallet. These have been at slow speed or stationary, someone reaching near my bike for the ball and i jump the back wheel onto the mallet head and keep it there till i line up a pass or whatever.
Just wondering if this is legal, mallet under wheel is a turnover no? Trapping a mallet with a wheel isnt like for like
Anyone care if people do this basically

Not legal.


oh really? find me the rule against it: http://www.nahardcourt.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/nah_ruleset_v3_3.pdf

I see absolutely nothing said about bike on mallet contact being illegal.

Fair enough.


Legal. And if you hop onto their mallet and you dab, there would be no penalty.

" – If the referee deems that the dabbed player rode into the mallet of an opponent,rather than a
situation in which an opponent hooks the player’s wheel, no penalty is assessed."

It the opposite of §7.3 – Tripping. Good point found on § by pete!

I think however this might could apply.
§8.2 – Holding
§8.2.1 – A holding penalty will be assessed when a player impedes the movement of an opposing player by holding (rather than blocking the path of) their mallet, body, or bike with his or her body.

A long shot would be §8.7 – Trapping
§8.7.1 – A trapping penalty will be assessed when a player holds an opponent against the boards for an extended period of time, not near the location of the ball, by leaning on them or otherwise impeding
their movement.

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I don't think 8.2.1 would apply since it talks about impeding someone's mallet with your body, not your with bike.

Also, despite what I've said here (I've merely been interpreting the rules), I do think that there needs to be a discussion about what type of 'wheel-fu' is legal. Folks have gotten upset at me a few times when I quickly turn my wheel to whack their tripodding mallet. It's legal within the rules, but given the fact that some folks don't like it and some folks think it is illegal (as this thread shows), a new thread would be good that discusses this more generally.

Thanks for the input
i love that hitting the tripodding mallet thing but havent really done it in tournaments as i wasnt sure how legal it was.
Yeah there probably should be some clearing up of what is legal as sometimes when i stop people from getting the ball by turning my wheel they apologise for hitting my wheel with their mallet