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Northside Qualifier team builder thread

Northside Qualifier team builder thread

So by now everyone is intimately familiar with the team requirements for this year's NAH Qualifier tournaments. Basically, for our Northside tournament, each team has to have at least one Northside player, and there can't be two people from out of region on the same team.

Since this is the last Qualifier of the season, and arguably the best Qualifier of the season, there's much interest in forming up teams around a Northside player so out of region players can take a crack at a spot in NAs.

Talk about it here! Free Agents, declare yourselves! In Region people without a full team, pick up Free Agents!


Registration is here, April 10 @ 1PM.

Main Tournament page is here.

I, Ryan Lakes, hereby declare myself, a free agent, in search of In Region people.
Had a great team lined up for MW, but I have to attend a wedding in Savannah GA.
Had a great 2nd team lined up for Northside, but the rules don't allow it.
I have a polo resume if you care, and hopefully you do, cause I'm hell bent on qualifying.
Hit me up!


I've never gotten last and I'm cool with slamming beers at 8 in the morning.

I'm in for fun.

do you have a team yet?

Yes. Playing with Justin and Noodle.

I wear a lot of pink, my bike will be shiny and in control, I will most likely bring tequila and talk slow. (thats the best rhyme I can make right now)

Pretty good at defense and clean up. Not afraid to get dirty. that is all.

find me on the facebook or what not. Kayla story


You should play with Jenny and one other Northsider or not midwest/northsider!

I'm still looking to play if anyone needs a third. Pass first type role player.

i made a team, if anybody would like to join me, name can be changed. I'm in it for fun, I'm more of a defensive annoying weirdo, if that's what you're looking for, let me know, thanks

I'll vouch for Jenny all day! She's a pain in the ass to play against and is great to be on a team with! Snatch her up!

hey guys. looking for some teammates. from Ottawa/Toronto if anyone needs an in region player.


So, I was thinking...

Steam Team will be in near full effect this weekend. And I remember what it felt like at Midwests, to watch and not play...

Are there 2 in-region folks that aren't registered, but wanna play?

FYI, I did earn the name Mr Do on the polo court.

anybody need a 3rd?