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WHBPC 2013 wildcard team building thread

Who needs a teammate?

According to the main whbpc thread, tho i have no idea if this is still accurate

evolution revolution
Mike Polo
Jessie and John H (looking for teammate for main event, not the wildcard)


Looking for a team to join or make. good third position player, good at goal, rotate well, good a ripping shots through wheel covers.

WeR3.................who are my other 2..............snap me up throw me out there, bust some ballz,break some records ,burn WHPBC 2013 into your retinas,your mind ,onto the tarmac and into history.
NB no living organism will be slaughtered during this achievment.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

hey Megan Stanton and I want to play with you machine. be our 3rd?!

  • Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 3.11.59 PM.png


i'm sorted now thanks to John & Jess.

Yeah, Tobi! It'll be great to see you again!!

Midwest is best!!

Formed an all Lexington team!! See u all in Florida!!

I have a team now too.

Who's still looking for a team? I'll be heading down to this regardless, but playing would really be a lot of fun. Been playing for 3-4 years. Played in NA's 2009, Euros 2010, and a bunch more. Most recent tourney was the Last Stand IV in Vermont. Came third. My best position is back, but I'm pretty versatile. Been playing in NYC for over 2 years, and Ireland for another 2.

I'm looking for a team as well! I'll be going regardless, so I won't flake out on you. Shane and Machine- Let's team up!!

Midwest is best!!

still up to join a team. will be there for the whole week. letmeknowdoe

We're teaming up and we need a third. ^^ Holla atcha girls!

Midwest is best!!

pick me! pick me!

Awww, dang it. If I knew you were looking I would've asked! We found a third already.

Midwest is best!!

No longer going thank you all who asked me to be on your team.

I am still looking for a team, I am a lefty, i was on a team with 2/3rds of Ginyu Force this year and we won the All Florida Tournament and the Georgia Championship. i am decent in goal and generally play as a forward. i am most likely welding up the goals for the tournament anyway, so i will be down there no matter what.

sign me up Thanh Nguyen, Milwaukee. Morrowtvn@sbcglobal.net if need to contact

sorry, got a team of local folks together. good luck with finding a team. see you down there i hope.

So, nothing like leaving it to the last minute, but free agent here looking for a team if anyone needs another player. Long time player, but been on a little leave of absence for the past year or so....I'm planning to show up either way, but it would be a lot more fun if I could play a few games too.

will fb you!!

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Hey all,I am qualified, but Thunder buddies are not able to go. So I would like to be a fill in for a team that is qualified Like Jesse & John H listed above. I really want to go and play. Just found out that we can't make it as a team. Hollar if are interested. Thanks Poloverse
yours truly,

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Damn, wish I known, would have loved to have played with you. I know of at least one open spot in a Euro team right now, I'll ask.

I still looking for a team


I'm on the last minute train but I will be at Worlds and would love to play so if there is a chance.. a spot.. somebody looking for a team, i'm keen. Super keen. I play good hard fun polo. thanks guys! see you soon!

Anyone still looking for a team for this??