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Lexington, Kentucky

Baby Birds! Chewk chewk!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Bad Ass in the Makin. Thankx for being our last GPS standing. So much fun hangin with you and the crew

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

hella lookin forward to hangin out with ya at Ladies Army . Your Joust looks sick! Hope to play ya on Friday

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Can you give me Morgan's contact info? Patti and I still need a third.

Thanks Quinny!

Did you just recently move to Lex? Were you with the Cincy crew?

Hey Quinn, I am unsure if this site tells you when you get a response, but I responded to your message.


If I don't get the chance to see you off, have fun an hope you comeback and play in Cincy soon.