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AKA:  “Where’s the money?”
Some players have been rightfully wondering whether there is a purpose to NAH collecting $10 per team at NAH events.  As of now, the purpose of the NAH account is largely to establish a “contingency fund” for NAH tournaments. An example:
About three weeks before ESPI VI Chandel secured a cash sponsorship offer from FUZE Beverages. After negotiating the details and dealing with some tax ID issues, however, it was clear that payment from FUZE wouldn’t come through in time to pay the bills – most importantly the final payment to Rizzo Rink.
At that point, Chandel asked if NAH could accept the FUZE sponsorship and advance the payments to Rizzo Rink and other vendors. NAH got in touch with FUZE and agreed that the arrangement was possible. The FUZE sponsorship was directed to NAH, and NAH wrote checks to cover the ESPI bills. When the FUZE sponsorship comes through to NAH next week, the entire amount borrowed from the NAH account will be recovered, enabling NAH to provide the same type of contingency funds to upcoming tournaments.
To this point, other than the ESPI 6 advance, no NAH funds have been spent whatsoever. All representatives’ and directors’ time is 100 percent volunteered. All initial set-up costs for the non-profit organization were paid by NAH reps out of their own pockets, as were initial operating costs such as NAHardcourt.com hosting and the initial NAH bank deposit.
Moving forward, the organization will have expenses that should properly be paid from the NAH account. For example, there are small expenses associated with NAH projects such as the currently circulating polo census, and operating expenses such as the future costs of NAHardcourt.com. And yes, there will be payment for the use of Podium software by NAH and many non-NAH tournaments over the past year. However, it is worth noting that all of the above expenses can be comfortably covered by the sponsorship funds that NAH has already raised. None of the expenses on NAH’s current radar will cut into the players’ contributions, which are available as the tournament contingency fund.
NAH is a still-new idea and a brand-new organization. There are going to be missteps along the way and not keeping the polo community fully up-to-date was one of them. We’re volunteers, we’re learning as we go, and we depend on your input. PLEASE be in touch with your regional representatives, and feel free to contact NAH generally – NAHardcourt.com/contact