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Poll: Who should represent the Northside Region in NA Hardcourt?

Only club reps in this region may vote.

Poll closes on January 15th at 11:59pm EST. Results will be available sometime on the 16th.

Vote for three.


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congratulations you guys.
but am i reading this correctly? there are a total of three club reps in our region that voted?

five? That's a low voter turn out.

Ya the northside kinda flopped on this. I blame it on the winter, only the biggest die-hards are thinking about polo at this point. we'll need to get in better touch with those in Michigan and Vermont this year.

i think we're fine here with the reps, sure...they're all really devoted and great, but what were the other regions like? i get this is the first year, but it's a year of laying some ground rules for the following reps to pursue, should they be different [given that more people will know about it come summer...]

Sorry I didn't know we had to vote, and didn't know of the vote. Ann Arbor (our club) was trying to send one team. The bid said they're planning to have 96 teams play so hopefully we can eek a spot out. I'll tell all of our club to vote if that happens again.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Don't worry this isn't about the NAHBPC in Madison, this is about the organizing body NA Hardcourt. I'm not sure how Madison will be determining who gets to play, NA Hardcourt may or may not be involved in that this year.

So whens the Northside tourney going to happen and where?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

ontario, july 1st weekend

that's great! ottawa or TO?

X2 - and, is this a definite? btw, I hope it's Toronto.

unconfirmed just yet!!! but we're working on a plan for the Northside Championships/NA's qualifer to be here in Toronto on july1st-4th long weekend.