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St Cago bike polo mallets DZR bike shoes for street and bike polo Velolocuma bicycles Riding in Circles

Robin C.

hey man this is keith. I can't see any of the pictures on the site? can you send em to me???? cycl0path@yahoo.com thanks babe, love you

Tuesday 7:00PM *ADDED
Thursday 7:00PM
Sunday 4:00PM *MOVED

Run for president of The United States. I'll vote for you.

hey robin. mind sending a dvd of the photos to SD? if you have any extra spoke cards too, mine came off during a sand storm on the freeway on the way back :(
Gnar Nissen
1137 9th Street
Imperial Beach, CA, 91932
if anyone else from other states/cities has any spoke cards of their teams send em my way.

Hey. I figured out that I can change the admin. with a click of a button. Should i make it you or Jake?

Well... I'll just change it too you and you can change it to him if you want. I can't wait to get home and see you people's skeelz.

Finally found out how to change the rep. If you want to change it to Jake just go to the edit bar in the ABQ page and type in klink where it says club rep and your name.

Coming in as a late runner here to Triangulate our efforts with the 2 front runners here . If ya want change action and input i Am your man COUNT IT !!!! or leave.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


I'm one of the stragglers from Tempe/Phoenix. I'm looking for a place to crash and a team that needs a third. Let me know...


-Dave Ziegler

Thanks for your note Robin....
Slow going right now.
Talking it up with the local shops.

Like to organize some sort of demo day where folks can come and try it and see some people who know what they're doing.

First step is to get some mallets together so people can just show up and take a whack.

Where do you guys get the plastic for your mallet heads? No plumbing supply in Santa fe has HDPE.


It should be fun...RIGHT?

PANCAKE!!! now this picture is good

All your shots are block by I.