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St Cago bike polo mallets DZR bike shoes for street and bike polo Velolocuma bicycles Riding in Circles


Group Description Managersort icon Posts Members Join Link Country
Bikepolo Dresden

almost every sunday at two pm

martinel 33 11 Join Germany
Hijo e´ Tigre

Hijo e´ Tigre

martinmartin 1 Join Uruguay
Grand Rapids Bike Polo

Thursdays at 6:30pm & Sundays at 2pm

MattGR 51 19 Request membership United States
Bikepolo Munich

Bikepolo München

Matthieu 225 58 Join Germany
San Luis Obispo Bike Polo Empire

SLO BPE plays twice a week. ---> http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/25740439836/

matto 7 Join United States
Claremont Bike Polo

We Play fridays 4:30-7:30

Matty G 2 34 Join United States
Raleigh Bike Polo

Check out our website and come play with us, every Thursday and Sunday!

meesh 5 29 Join United States
Orlando Bike Polo

Orlando's finest!

mikey 1 49 Join United States

A brief description for the group details block and the group directory.

Mikhail Solomonov 5 2 Join Russia

Moscow fixed riders organize regular polo games

mikly 6 Join Russia
Milano Bike Polo

Tutto sul bike polo milanese

Milano Bike Polo 1 14 Join Italy

silesian bikepolo club

milosz 32 4 Request membership Poland
Arnprior Bike Polo

Midnight Otters Polo Club

Mitch Iwanyshyn 4 13 Join Canada
Gainesville Bicycle Polo Club

Let Our Shafts Cross!!!

mobius0919 5 24 Join United States

comenzando a forjar la garra charrua esta vez sobre una bicicleta ...

montevideobikepolo 6 Join Uruguay


montevideobikepolo 4 Join Uruguay
Brussels Bike Polo

Brussels Bike Polo

Mortimix 67 18 Join Belgium
Guelph Polo Club

Guelph people on bikes, playing bike polo

mrcycology 5 Join Canada
Northampton, MA

Hardcourt madness... 7pm Wednesday nights.

Msoycher 1 10 Join United States
La Rustica Bike Polo, Villa Constitución

jugamos los sabados a las 14:30... todos invitados

Murix 1 4 Join Argentina
Great Plains

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba,Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas

MusicSucks 1 Join
Phoenix Bike Polo - PBP

Est. 1997 Grass Converts

N.O.D 2 37 Join United States
Decatur Bike Polo

Friday after 5 and Sundays round 2

n8bone 2 18 Join United States

New to bike polo! Big up Bonn!

nachkonvention 4 Request membership Germany
Newmarket Bike Polo Club

This is a group organized in Newmarket

Naked Rebel Party 1 1 Request membership Canada
Wellington Bike Polo

Bike Polo in Wellington

Nathanael 60 5 Join New Zealand
Lethbridge Bike Polo

I have extra mallets and we are always looking for more players.

NathanN. 6 Join Canada
Williamsburg VA

Bike League of Williamsburg, Underground Polo. Weekly pickup games both students and non. Laid-back and fun.

needleofjustice 5 Join United States
Adelaide Bicycle Polo Club

the one and only South Australian hardcore(t) polo club

Neil 151 27 Join Australia
Edmonton Bike Polo

We play at Ritchie Community League. 7727 - 98st

Neil_240 32 38 Join Canada

LAS NIÑAS Liga femenina Bike Polo Santiago

nelly 2 Join Chile
North Iowa Bicycle Underground - Mason City

North Iowa Bicycle Underground

NIBU 1 8 Join United States
Fort Lauderdale Bike Polo

Holiday Park (1125 G. Harold Martin Drive, Fort Lauderdale). We play Thursdays from 7:30 till lights out (~11pm).

Nic B 26 50 Join United States
Victoria Bike Polo

Gin and Juice ain't got nothin' on Tea and Toast

Nick 7 86 Join Canada
San Jose Polo Club

Sleeping giant in The Bay Area..

NickNameless 4 Join United States
Pittsburgh Bike Polo

Tue & Thur at 6pm at Arsenal Park (39th Street in 15201); Sundays at 1PM at the Bloomfield Recreation Center

nico.p 1 65 Join United States
Taranto Bike Polo

Fattela cu nù... copà!

Nicola 3 6 Request membership Italy

Fledgling polo club providing weekly hardcourt bike polo matches for University of Illinois students and community members.

noahmichael89 4 Join United States
Halle (Saale)


noele 2 Join Germany
Oulu softcore polo association

The Northernmost Polo Club In The World!

normaali 3 8 Request membership Finland
Nottingham Doom Bike Polo

Doom riders bike polo club, based in Nottingham City.

Nottingham Polo 12 Join United Kingdom


nottnum 1 11 Join New Zealand

RSK Bike Polo, Regina's hardcourt bike polo club

oftheprairies 11 Join Canada

Tuesdays at 9pm, lane and high st. We play other days as well when people are avail. Contact me for more info.

ohtenlee 257 35 Request membership United States
Thunder Bay Bike Polo

We play every Sunday at 2pm & Wed 7pm. Beginners always welcome. Join the FB group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Thunderbaybikepolo

oldbones 1 17 Join Canada
Norwegian Bike Polo

69° N The northernmost polo club?

Ole Peppe 14 Join Norway
Baltimore Hardcourt Bike Polo

Bike Polo in the greatest city in America!!!

Oriole 9 Join United States
Savannah Bike Polo

Paula Deen's two-wheeled nightmares

Oriole 4 43 Join United States
Osaka Hardcourt Bike Polo

Bike polo in Osaka, anyone's welcome so please get in touch..... バイクポロして見たい人ぜひ来てください。。。よろしく。。。

Osaka_ian 13 Join Japan

Bloody Brown Bears

ovidiu 1 2 Join Romania

Bloody Brown Bears

ovidiu 3 Join Romania
Oxford Bike Polo

Friendly bike polo players, meeting every Wednesday evening. Sometimes we play in tournaments. And we've been on TV twice so basically we're famous.

oxfordtoff 20 Join United Kingdom
Parksville Bike Polo

Smallest club in the world

pakkalolo 9 Join Canada
Iride Bike Polo Modena

Iride Bike Polo Modena

Paolo Cremaschi 10 Join Italy
Cherry City Polo Association

We don't have a regular time, send an email and we'll let you know play dates

pastorpete 1 14 Join United States

Tulsa BIke Polo

pdillo 1 31 Join United States
Fresno Bike Polo

SMASH MALLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pedaljunkies 6 22 Join United States
PedalRiot Bike Polo

Jakarta Bike Polo - City Bike Community

PedalRiot 2 Join Indonesia

Nice Shot!

pelayinnn 35 12 Join Spain

perpignonfixe is a new team from perpignan, south of france.

perpignon 5 Request membership France
Episcopal Academy, PA

A private school outside of Philadelphia. We play polo every day after school during the winter.

perry 1 Join United States
Oslo Bike Polo

Good friends, good games, good fun and beer!

Peta 1 5 Request membership Norway
dublin bike polo

just up the road from where bike polo was born. we get together on saturdays and whenever we can .. yep

phatyack 1 17 Join Ireland
Newcastle Bike Polo

Bike Polo in Newcastle upon Tyne. UK

philxthomas 15 Join United Kingdom
St.Gallen Velopolo

Polo every tuesday from 7pm till 10pm.

photon 7 Request membership Switzerland


Pierre69 6 Join Germany
Amsterdam Bike Polo

Polo every Tuesday sometimes on Sunday. Check us out on facebook.com/amsterdambikepolo

pierski 59 29 Join Netherlands

Oldest team of palermo.

Pigeons 1 Request membership Italy
Chile Bike Polo

Urbanos cerveceros

Pilsen 2 35 Join Chile
La Union Bike Polo Club

Club de bikepolo de la ciudad de Buenos Aires

POiO 3 Join Argentina
Toulouse Bike Polo

Toulouse Bike Polo

Polo 4 16 Join France
Christchurch Hardcourt Bike Polo Inc.

Visit our blog site for our next bike polo sessions

Polo Camo 14 Request membership New Zealand
Bikepolo Ulm

A happy bunch of people who love to play Bike Polo together every week.

Polo Concorde 4 Request membership Germany

between 6-12 Players two Times a Week

Polo Poellern 2 Join Germany
Jacksonville, FL

An up and coming polo club (All playing less than 6 months)

Pologre90420 2 46 Join United States


polojoel 36 67 Join
Prague bike polo

Prague Bike Polo

PrahaFixed 2 13 Join Czech Republic
Perth Cycle Polo

Play every Sunday at 3pm, bring your bike and some refreshments. Mallets are provided. Everyone is welcome. See website for latest up to date location

prawza 130 16 Join Australia
Polipolo, Pordenone

the first polo team in Friuli (at the moment...)

prodan 2 7 Join Italy
Ukiah Bike Polo

Playing polo in Ukiah

Professor J 7 Join United States
Bike Polo Gdańsk

Pomorskie, POLAND

Ptaku 32 8 Join Poland

Kursk BikePolo

qonzo 1 4 Join Russia
Syracuse, NY

Syracuse Hardcourt Bike Polo

Quinn 6 Join United States

parc montcalm

R-Thouin 9 Join France
Wick City Bike Polo

Mostly vegan bike kids getting together to play polo, drink on occasion, and beat SRQ, TAMPA, and ST Pete. haha.

randon 13 Join United States
Bici Polo Tapatío

Bici polo en Guadalajara Mexico, dando palos

raul 157 22 Join Mexico


raul 1 Join

Lighting Cycle Club Eindhoven - Eindhoven Bike Polo

Rebel-Rebel 12 Request membership Netherlands

Csapat alakul, játék egyelőre minden szombat délelőtt. Labda van, ütő van, bicaj kell, gyere bátran! :-)

redboat 4 8 Request membership Hungary
Pullman Moscow Bike Polo

Thursday nights starting at 8pm.

reese 12 36 Join United States
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