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capt. jake

My tournaments

milwaukee, wisconsin
Last seen around here Apr 18 2014 - 12:07pm



Yo, slayer from Ann Arbor Mi, free agent for ESPI's.
Skilled, fast, good at passing and setting up plays. Good at goal.
Strengths: really handsome, smart
Weakness: long walks on the beach, cats, unicorns.
Get at me. My name is Jim. jcde@umich.edu

we got a third for espi. good luck to you finding a team man!

Try bikedenver.org (you'd have to contact them through email) or drop me a line on fbook I just added you and I can hook you up with a player who works for denver transportation solutions.


I am looking for a team for Midwests. I was scheduled for a BMX trip the following weekend, so I originally cancelled on Midwests. Anyway, I would definitely consider myself an all-around player. I really like to make plays, especially through crisp passing. I play clean, but can dish out the rough stuff if need be. I've been playing for close to a year-and-a-half, but I've been riding BMX for more than half of my life (15+ years), so the bike skills are apparent with a disregard to fear. I can play at any type of speed and like to talk alot for setting plays/passes. I thrive on large court play. CoMO plays three times a week and we always practice our hardest, vastly improving my ball handling since my inception. Weak points would include tiny courts and tending goal. With that said, I feel I always round out a team quite nicely and I definitely love to have fun! Plus, I'm a midwesterner!

Tim A.

Thanks for applying Tim and I think your a rad dude so dont take it the wrong way that we went with someone else. See ya in MPLS! i hear MPLs doesnt have fences so kremin should be ok