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Choppin Cecily

My tournaments

Last seen around here Sep 26 2013 - 12:32am


paid ya 60 on paypal Thanks Cant wait

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Join us... or consider us as we slay through south central.

Hi Cecily i know we haven't even registered yet but may i request to be housed at the biggest loudest party house that you have and i would like a 20 dollar space on the BOARDS please Thanx in advance

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I would like to be housed wherever this guy is going as well!

hay cecily its luke FROM VICTZORAIA anyways y'all portlanders stayed at my house once upon a polo tournament and we made a dinner and it was fun sorry i was stressin a bit but you know why AND and i gots a band that is gona be playing a show in portland and you polos should be drunk and come and then can we play polo after or before???? its feb 19th at this venue calld white fang?? sounds great i know so if you can come awesome if you cant awesome but i wana play polo real bad all the time like you know so if this can happen make it happen, if not pass the word onto anyone else interestedddddddddd
heres the myspace of the musiccs its real fun dance alot loud time.
TANKS lemme know whats up
email communicateinquestions@gmail.com