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My tournaments

  • East Van Crown
  • Cascadia Co-ed Challenge
  • turducken 6 poster
Last seen around here Feb 6 2014 - 3:56pm


Hey do you still need a team?
let me know.
you can hit me up on facebook...i check that more often. www.facebook.com/shelleylucillesmith

I've been playing for 3 years now. how long have you been playing?

Hey Lady, heard you might be looking for a team for Ladies Army? Patti from Toronto and I are looking for a third

yo! would you like to play with a zack from olympia and aaron from seattle?

jeez i'm sorry. I suck at checking these boards.. yet i post on them. I see you got a team happening. I got a new job so my schedule was all up in the air. Hopefully I'll be able to make this tourni and see you there.
thanks!!! polo. polo. polo.