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tine tine 916

My tournaments

  • Davis Friendly July 12-14th 2013
  • Folsom Friendly Jan 11 & 12  2014
  • ladies army 6 bike polo toronto
  • Joe's 50th Birthday Bash
  • Battle for California 3
Last seen around here Apr 4 2014 - 4:21pm


Hey, Andy Willis directed me to you saying you were interested in trading some koozies?! I'd totally be down! Let me know!

our koozie inventory is getting low :/ i've got one left for trade and i've got tee's. new koozie order coming....

Awesome! Can't wait to see them! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the Bench Minor. I'm already going to the Cascadia Coed in Portland the week before and I have to be back in Anchorage the weekend of your tournament. Mike was saying you guys might be making it down to Las Vegas for Crank Gamble?

have fun in portland, wish we could make it. we will see you in vegas! msg me your address to send stickers.

fixegrlinafixewrld (not verified)

thank you darling. nice angles

fixegrlinafixewrld (not verified)

hey i dont know whats going on.. those pictures you took of me an sent to me email never came. if you know what i am saying. thanks anyway. see you tomarra probob

ballet.jpg20.48 KB

awesome picture!...