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Matthew Kissel

My tournaments

  • Channel Your Animal 5 Person Bench
  • turducken 6 poster
Last seen around here Jan 29 2014 - 6:26am



why did you move to frackin' philly!! come back to indiana!

can't wait for st.paddy's day ;)

Glad I could stop by for New Years......wish I could have stayed longer.

The Midwest will always be Home.....its only for 1 year....who knows where we will end up

Hope to see everyone in March

Not sure if your your going to school in PA now or I was not clear about the Keystone Cup, but this is a all PA tournament. Want to throw a tournament were people would have to play with poaple from there own clubs and not bring out of state ringers. Sorry if I was not clear. PEACE

You make the rules, I'll play the game.

you that ghettomobile working again? or did the homeless guy mess it up..

Trying it out tonight. Had to buy a new seat post, stem, and chain. Cut down the handle bars a bit and should be rockin. From what I gather, there seems to be a nice turnout of IU students showing up at pickup....whats your secret.