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  • Midwest Open 3,  Mpls, MN
Last seen around here Apr 18 2014 - 3:18pm


Hey Nick. I'm Matt from Winnipeg... Does your club know about the Frozen Louis in Feb? It's gonna Heat up! tell your crew and please consider making the trip! Places to stay and parties to follow are in the works.

Some of us have been talking about it but I'll make sure to post something on our email group. I'm sure you'll see a couple of us!

Thanks Nick! we'll be posting updates as they come along.

is the lakers coming to play again?

Nope. We have a bench tourney to attend in Bloomington the weekend after. I was considering making the trip myself though.

hey Im headed out solo and need a team. give me a call. 505-573-6001
matt bernauer