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My polo bikes

My tournaments

  • Georgia is for Lovers Invitational
  • 3v3 shuffle deck and schoolyard bench tournaments
  • Bike Polo Spring Break 2013
  • turducken 6 poster
  • Bear Polo 5
Asheville, NC
Last seen around here Mar 6 2014 - 1:32am



Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Yo Stu, wanna play with me for the Carolina Classic + Ann??

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Just read this and I know it doesn't apply anymore but NOOO!!! Gabe, Kori and I are gonna kick some polo ass!

Let's Murderlize Them

No that was a different Stu. But I was there

Let's Murderlize Them

STU? Did you ref for Septembeard?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo