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Tom Myers

Mesa, AZ, USA & Beijing, China
Last seen around here Dec 18 2013 - 3:31pm


Dear Bike Polo Colleague,

Bike polo continues in Beijing each week.

Currently, our winter practices are every Sunday, starting at 2 pm, located on the west side of Workers' Gymnasium.

You are welcome to join us, whether you just beginning or a recent World Champion!

We will teach you the fundamentals of bike polo and you are likely to play in a game on the first day.

So dress warmly, since we play outside, and come join us!

And if you are going to be in Chengdu, please see the listing for our sister team in Chengdu, sponsored by the Natooke Chengdu store.

All the best to you,

Tom Myers
Natooke Beijing Bike Polo Coach
Beijing, China
19 February 2013

The Beijing team is sponsored by the Natooke Bike Shop in Beijing and its owner, Ines Brunn. Please visit www.natooke.com for more information about the shop.

Tom Myers

Beijing Hard Court Bike Polo continues to flourish and grow.

The group is supported by the Natooke Bike Shop (www.natooke.com) that is owned by Ines Brunn, who is a polo player in addition to doing a few other things on her bicycle (www.trick-bike.com). She also teaches the bike tricks group.

Bike polo practices are currently every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 2 pm on the west side of the Workers' Gymnasium in Beijing. Everyone is welcome, from beginner to expert. All kinds of bicycles are OK to use to learn and play. We provide the mallets and balls.

We are especially good at teaching new polo players how to develop their skills quickly and accurately -- most play in a gentle game the very first day. Our best players will give you a fast, fierce, and articulate competition if that is what you are seeking. Your ball handling will definitely improve. It is a very friendly group.

Major matches for us (from April to December 2012) are likely to be the Fixed Gear Revolution 4 in Beijing in August (date to come) and the Takao Cup 2012 competition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in early December 2012, assuming this great event will be held again (we hope!). Other major contests are likely to be added to the schedule.

Your body will enjoy the exercise, your mind will appreciate the diversion from your daily duties, and you will quickly develop new great friends.

So come on out, take a lesson, stroke the ball, and score!

All the best to you,

Tom Myers
Natooke Bike Polo Coach
Beijing, China
6 April 2012

Tom Myers